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Established in 2014, we are known for our high-quality embroidered iron-on patches to mend children's clothing. Additionally, we showcase a limited range of organic cotton accessories.

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Are the patches suitable for any fabric?

Our patches are suitable for 100% cotton clothing. Jeans are made of 100% cotton. We do not guarantee long-lasting adhesion on other fabric compositions.

How do I iron the patches to the garment?
  1. Place your garment on the ironing board and place the iron-on patch on it.
  2. Cover the patch with a cotton pressing cloth (or old T-shirt).
  3. Set your iron to the cotton setting (180°C - steam function OFF) and press firmly for about 45 seconds.
  4. Turn your garment inside out and repeat step 3 on the back, this time without the pressing cloth.
  5. Allow the garment to cool sufficiently to avoid burning.
How are my products shipped?

Your patches are sent to your home adres via regular post the day after your order. The muslin organic cotton products are sent to a Mondial Relay pick-up point of your choice. While we prepare your order, we will ask you via e-mail to choose and confirm your pick-up point.

What if patches come loose?

When you do not fully follow the ironing or washing instructions, it may happen that the edge of the patch comes loose. Re-ironing will not help in this case. The only option then is to sew the patch securely onto the garment.

Some common mistakes:

-The iron is not hot enough at the beginning of ironing. Cotton setting at 180°C is necessary.

-The garments are washed at too high a temperature. 40°C is a maximum.

-The garments are dried in the dryer. This is not recommended.

-The patches are ironed onto a fabric that is a blend of lycra and cotton. We can only guarantee a durable adhesion on 100% cotton.

Is packaging and shipping eco-friendly?

Of course we aim for sustainability in our packaging and shipping. The paper and plastic used is from a recycled source. The patches are delivered via regular post mail. A transport carrier does not come specifically for your package in your street. It is simply delivered by your postman along with all other regular mail and packages for you and your neighbors.

Where can I check client reviews?

It's important to display honest reviews. That's why we refer to the customer reviews posted and moderated by our independent sales partner Etsy. These reviews are posted without any possible intervention from ourselves and thus provide an honest insight into customer satisfaction.

You can check out the reviews from our customers HERE. There are already more than eighty!

Have you purchased a product via creapatch.be and would you like to leave a review on our website? Go to the product, click on 'reviews' below the product name (next to the stars), and leave your review. We would love to read it!

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We love color, durable materials and slow fashion. Hope you enjoy our designs as much as we enjoy creating them.